I’m a condiment girl. When I order a burger, I slather the bun with ketchup and mustard (preferably Dijon, but yellow will do in a pinch). I dump Papalote’s (www.papalote-sf.com) blended salsa on my fish tacos, and I love dipping Frjtz fries (www.frjtzfries.com) into roasted-pepper mayo. Heck, even when I was a kid, I’d demand barbecue, sweet and sour and the oft-neglected honey so I could dunk my Chicken McNuggets to my heart’s content.

Imagine my delight when I visited the down-home Roadside BBQ (www.roadside-bbq.com) in the Inner Richmond and noticed that they have a fully-stocked “condiment bar.” BBQ lovers can douse their slow-smoked Texas brisket or Memphis-style pulled pork with traditional barbecue sauce, a spicier BBQ version, a zingy three-mustard mixture, regular old ketchup or an Asian-inspired ginger glaze (which, to be honest, didn’t really seem to fit). Now, I understand the value of a good dry barbecue … but it’s fun to mix and match, too.

Roadside BBQ
3751 Geary Blvd.