On Wednesday, I blogged about a couple of new places to meet people and get your sex life back on track. Here’s where others are finding sex and love around town:

“The Haight Street Fair. I kept running into [this guy], so I figured I might as well say hello this time around. We’ve been dating ever since.”—Melissa, 42, Russian Hill

Haight Ashbury Street Fair
courtesy of haightashburystreetfair.org

“A Cal football game … and I hate football, but not anymore.” —Wendy, 26, the Mission

“I met a baseball player from out of town at the Redwood Room. He nearly missed the game.”—Tracie, 37, Pacific Heights

Redwood Room at the Clift
courtesy of Redwood Room

“At a sex party … but we didn’t have sex until later.”—Alexander, 38, the Mission

Lush Lounge. He was a tax lawyer.”—Becca, 24, Cow Hollow

Lush Lounge
courtesy of the Lush Lounge

“Lately, at lots of parties. I always seem to go home with the DJs. They are now known as DJ-1, DJ-2, DJ-3 …”—Arielle, 38, Noe Valley

“At synagogue, last week. We atoned for our sins together and created some new ones.” —Josh, 47, Cole Valley

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