Getting Lucky in Union Square


Do Italians make better lovers? Are the French more daring? Are Americans oversexed? Are San Franciscans’ proclivities off the charts?
I know, I know, you can’t stereotype a nation. But I’ve always wanted to know: Why do stereotypes exist if not to play with them?
So if you’ve wanted to experiment with international lovers, just head to Union Square. There’s no time like the present to shag a foreigner. The dollar is plunging and the tourists are shopping.
You can spot them juggling Saks and Macy’s and Banana Republic bags and sporting that dreamy look in their eyes that says, “I can’t believe the deal I got on this iPod.”
It’s bittersweet: It sucks that our economy is in the toilet, but on the other hand you’ve got boatloads of fresh meat.
Plus you all say there are no single men or women in San Francisco. So try some window shopping; it’s kind of like bar-hopping but with faster turnaround.
Here’s a study that looked at sexual habits around the world, your veritable Zagat’s Guide for sexual appetites.
Some key finds: Greeks are more satisfied sexually, the French are more dissatisfied and the Brits aren’t having much sex at all.
Time to go out and see if all that is really born out by, um, evidence.

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