Girl Scout Cookies - There's an App for That



It’s time to download the best mobile app on the market this week – the Girl Scouts Cookie Finder.

No joke, this GPS-based free app is awesome. Load it onto your iPhone or Android and you instantly have access to where Girl Scout cookies are being sold. Right. Now.

Upon pressing Find Cookies Now! users have the option to filter cookie sales by distance, by date, or see it on a map. It reveals the exact location (e.g. 4th & Mission, SW corner in front of parking garage) as well as which troop is swinging the cookies at what exact times.

You can also share the sale details with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, or email, add it to your event calendar, and bookmark the date if you prefer a Cookie Notification. But that’s not all.

Users can “meet the cookies” which includes visuals and tidbits on all of the snacks including ingredients, year introduced, and box color. You can also watch a video or vote for your favorite cookie. At press time, Samoas and Thin Mints were tied as frontrunners with Tagalongs in a distant third place. The interface is sophisticated, colorful, and fun to play with. 

Finally, you don't have to wait for your co-worker's kid to make the rounds at your office. So go ahead and indulge. We all know it’s impossible to eat just one. I say this having just polished off the last Samoa from the purple box I’ve had hidden under a pile of papers in a desk drawer (my co-workers are vultures).

The Girl Scouts of Northern California are selling cookies from Feb. 13 - Mar. 18.




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