Originally published on CaliforniaHomeDesign.com

Think the San Francisco Bay Bridge is a stunner now? Just wait until March 5, 2013, when the bridge will shine brilliantly from dusk to 2 am every night for two years.

The Bay Lights, designed by internationally renowned artist Leo Villareal, is the world's largest light sculpture at 1.8 miles wide and 500 feet high. Villareal is using 25,000 white individually programmed LED lights to create this masterpiece, and you can be a part of it by personalizing one or more of the lights in the digital display!

Give the gift of light to family or friends, or dedicate a light in memory of a special someone. For $50, you can choose where your twinkle will live for the duration of the two-year installation.

Click here to learn more about dedicating lights on the Bay Bridge to the people you love!