Glide Over Tahoe with Soar Truckee


If you missed out on the Reno Air Races, get your own birds-eye view from a glider plane run by Soar Truckee, located just north of Northstar. Starting at only $139 for one person, you can soar over the valleys near Truckee and up into the skies above North Lake Tahoe — all without an engine.

Soar Truckee offers three rides for one or two passengers. You can fly over Sierra Vista for $280 for two people, Tahoe Vista and Lake Tahoe for $245 for two or the Martis Valley for $185 for two. The glider, piloted by an FAA approved pilot will be towed by a tow plane nearly 12,000 feet into the sky. When the glider disconnects from the tow plane, there will be a large clunking noise and a slight tug that might make you scream a little. After that, the flight is dreamlike.

It's not as quiet as you think it's going to be. You will be able to hear the rushing of air as it pushes through some valves in the cockpit, but with a clear roof and very little distractions, the view is incredible. The glider rides can last from 15-40 minutes as the pilot glides over the area's air currents. It can be cramped in the back of the cockpit, so head up to the lake with someone you don't mind getting close with and bring a smaller camera.

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