I spent a couple of days over the weekend perusing the Anderson Valley and the Mendocino coast. Naturally enjoying all that pristine beauty on a sunny day with a cleansing breeze and pounding surf, one gets thirsty. So I searched up and down the coastline up there for the perfect spot to have a beer.

Nothing could have fulfilled my expectations better than the Little River Inn. On Highway 1 just south of Mendocino town, it's a cute little whitewashed inn with a charming restaurant. But the bar is unparalleled. Made from varnished old wood, it sits in front of an excellent spirits selection and even a better view of craggy Mendocino rocks, foaming surf and a 50-yard-line seat for the sunset.

A brisk Mendocino pale ale from Anderson Valley Brewing or North Coast tastes wonderful, though I wish they had the beer on tap. There's also a great food menu with anything a good drinker might want, from fresh crab and crab cakes to fries and a burger. I will certainly be going back.