They’ve been featured in Vogue fashion spreads and incited violence in a local bar—love them or hate them, Google Glass inspires passionate reactions. But through a recent partnership with the makers of such sought-after brands as Ray-Ban, Persol, and Oliver Peoples, they may be bridging the gap from obscure techwear to du rigueur specs.

Yesterday, Google Glass announced that they’re joining forces with Luxottica, the Italian-based company behind some of the sexiest eyewear out there. Shortly after the January launch of their Titanium Collection, it seems Google is handing off frame design to the more fashionably inclined maker with worldwide distribution capabilities—a brilliant move as Glass approaches its official launch in the marketplace (keep in mind it’s still in the prototype phase with the Explorer Program). Details are sparse, and no timelines have been set, but Google confirms that they’ll collaborate with Luxottica on the design of all Glass-compatible frames, Luxottica will manufacture them and lead distribution (in optical shops, kiosks, etc.), and Glass will continue to sell the device online through their Explorer program.

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