Grab the Earplugs—It’s LIVE 105’s BFD

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Greetings music lovers,

Saturday's BFD was a Big F'in’ Deal. It was one massive sonic explosion; earplugs were a necessity, and the backstage pass a "must have."

BFD was 12 hours of hard, loud, rockin' music; more than 25 bands; a bottle of sunscreen; and more fun than a chimp at a banana tea party.

It was a day for the kids. The bands that rock radio station LIVE 105 were the main draw: Interpol, Kaiser Chiefs and Queens of the Stone Age to name a few.

The highlight for me is, YES, the music but it's also a day to catch up with old pals over a beer or three.

Social Distortion's "Ring of Fire" is always a rousing crowd pleaser, and once again their rendition of the Cash classic at BFD did not disappoint.

BFD is a mammoth music event pulled off in sterling style by the crack crew at LIVE 105. Thanks for an unforgettable day, guys and Rockin’ Robin!

The stage is set for BFD 2007.

A lonely guitar awaits its owner to come on and start plucking … I said plucking!

It’s 7 p.m. and a packed house at The Shoreline anticipates the arrival of Interpol.

New Yorkers Interpol rocked The Shoreline and hurt my ears.

Interpol frontman Paul Banks surveys the BFD crowd.

These guys could be rock stars, but they are not. They’re backstage liggers Reuben and Sheldon. See dictionary for definition of “ligger.”

The regular intermissions allowed time for a little libation with some groupies backstage.

Dressed for BFD. Not sure who these people are, but they looked the part.

Some people did not look the part, but made for a fun photo.

Old school rockers Social Distortion bring their wall of sound to BFD.

Getting jiggy with Bloc Party lead man Kele Okereke.

What a sexy crowd.

Bloc Party rocks the BFD party.

Interpol takes charge at BFD.

Kele feels the spirit of BFD.

Goodnight from BFD.

P.S. Two days to go for the reunion concert of the century; THE POLICE at the Oakland Coliseum. Sting, Andy and Stewart will give an arresting performance for sure, and I will be there to hear it. Watch this space for pics and a review later this week. OOh, that's me with Sting in 1999 when we were both lads!

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