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Their musical home is Joshua Tree in Southern California but their spiritual home is here in San Francisco. This past weekend the four-piece musical tour de force Gram Rabbit came hopping into town for a one night stand at Pop Roxx at the DNA Lounge.

 Gram Rabbit Gram Rabbit

Gram Rabbit with America's next rock star at the helm, Jessica von Rabbit, are pants down my favorite band on the planet. Their third musical offering is soon-to-be released. ... By way of a dangled carrot,  you can venture to their myspace page now for a taste.  

 Gram Rabbit Gram Rabbit

Saturday's show at DNA was as explosive as ever. The dreamy, desert vibe-infused opening song "All the Right Places" hypnotized the hard-core rabbit army. In a 40-minute set, the rabbits offered up fan faves "Dirty Horse" and "Cowboy Up" from their first two records and sprinkled the set with a more electronic wall of sound from their new record Radio Angel and the Robot Beat.

Gram Rabbit Gram Rabbit
Rabbits down.

As the band rocked out, a sea of rabbit ears bobbed and wobbled nonstop. This was an early stop on the Gram Rabbit tour. If you missed them on this little jaunt, no worries; they will be hopping into town again soon.

Gram Rabbit Gram Rabbit
Gram rabbit rock.

For now, go to their online home and sample their songs. You will be joining the ranks of the rabbit army before you know it.