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photography by Stefanie Michejda

Sadly, this is my last blog entry for 7x7. After a year and a half at the magazine, I’ve decided to pursue another career path.

Some people might think I’m crazy. Whenever I’ve told a new acquaintance that I write about restaurants and food, the usual response is, “That’s my dream job!” And it truly has been an incredibly cool job. I’ve met and interviewed some really interesting people, have gone to fun events, and have eaten at some of the city’s best restaurants.

So here it is. These are some of the best things I’ve eaten—and drank!—as 7x7’s Dine editor:

Braised meatballs at A16
Housemade pasta with marsala-and-foie-gras cream sauce at Acquerello
Seafood chowder (with lots of bacon!) at Bar Crudo
Summer truffle burger at Bix
Spicy hot chocolate at Bittersweet Chocolate Cafe
Pork tagine at CAV Wine Bar
Lamb curry with fennel, tomato and poppy seeds at Dosa
Watermelon margarita at Farmer Brown
Classic birthday cake at the Front Porch
Southern Comfort sundae at Hawthorne Lane
Roasted eggplant with mint at Last Supper Club
Baltimore crab fluffs at Maverick
Mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich at One Market (pictured above)
Lemongrass tofu at Out the Door
Pescado tacos (with lots of that yummy blended salsa poured over them) at Papalote Mexican Grill
Kofte kebabs at Paul K
Lardo pizza at Pizzeria Delfina
Chicken tikka masala at Punjab Kebab
Crispy shrimp with spicy green beans at Salt House
Dajaj mequali (baked chicken with preserved lemon and olives) at Tajine
Marrow with toast at Terzo
Zucchini cakes at Troya
Wok-tossed St. Louis spare ribs at Umami
Fried yo-yo’s at Weird Fish

Here’s to many more delicious meals. Cheers!
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