Greenstack iPhone App Helps You Maximize Discounts at Restaurants


“Saving money shouldn't be arduous,” says David Hehman, co-founder & CEO of GreenStack,Inc. “It should be fun and easy.” And that is what Hehman has set out to do. His product, greenstack, is a free, location-sensitive iOS app that enables you to redeem discounts and special offers at restaurants around town.

“There are lots of ways to save money, but you have to know about them when you are out on the go,” notes Hehman. “Otherwise, you're missing out on savings opportunities.

“It's staggering how many deals there are out there. We bring all the deals together in an aggregated view, so as a consumer you don't have to have ten apps, just one. After all, these deals are yours, you should be able to use them.”

Many of the discounts come via your memberships in museums, AAA, AARP or KQED; others are special offers by specific restaurants or opportunities to earn loyalty rewards like miles with your credit card.

The point of greenstack is giving you the ability to “stack” these deals, using as many as are appropriate whenever you visit a restaurant, resulting in aggregated savings that Hehman estimates can add up to hundreds of dollars a month – or thousands a year.

“Our app helps you make sense of the landscape of deals,” he says. "Then, when you walk into a merchant you can combine all of the deals at once.”

The Sebastopol and San Francisco-based company, with a staff of seven and angel funding, is only initially focused on restaurants and will be expanding into other retail categories, and nationally, in the future.

Quoting one of the mantras of an experienced entrepreneur, Hehman says: "Nail it before you scale it."

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