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Do you even know how cool this movie is? Allow me to tease you with a small taste: The term "grindhouse" was used to describe the small, seedy theaters that would show super-gory B-level horror movies back in the '70s; this movie is a spoof on the content and format of a grindhouse-style flick. It's split into two separate films and has an intermission in the middle with a bunch of fake, over-the-top movie trailers. The first film, directed by Sin City's Robert Rodriguez, features Bruce Willis, who inhales a weird gas, becomes zombified and leads a zombie horde against mankind—it's the role you've always wanted to see him play! The Tarantino film comes in after the intermission, and all I'm going to say is this: it contains the coolest stunt I've ever seen and get this—the stunt is more than 10 minutes long! See it. NOW. The Persian Prince has spoken.