photography by Heather Wiley for Drew Altizer

GUESS and Vogue, with special hosts such as actress Brittany Snow, held a cocktail reception to showcase the American brand's fall fashions at its new store in the Westfield SF Centre.

 Heidi Smith_Patrick Heig Annie Tomlin_Barbara Herman Jennifer Lazorack_DJ Donovan
Heidi Smith, Patrick Heig             Annie Tomlin, Barbara Herman   Jennifer Lazorack, DJ Donovan

Jeremy Kueffner_Juanito Marabilla Brittany Snow Christina Leong_Espilito Trapane
Jeremy Kueffner, Juanito Marabilla          Brittany Snow             Christina Leong, Espilito Trapane

Jasleen & Sarbi Anand Juan Moreano_Matthew Lewis Melody Nazarian_Katie Sweeney
Jasleen & Sarbi Anand              Juan Moreano, Matthew Lewis   Melody Nazarian, Katie Sweeney

Diana & Sheila Georgie Jeana Goan_Elie Ernest Laurence Lindisch_Cheryl Taberos
Diana & Sheila Georgie                Jeana Goan, Elie Ernest      Laurence Lindisch, Cheryl Taberos

Edwina & Mike Phillips Tanisha Corrie_Bryn Glaude Melissa Simmons_Anna Zotalis
Edwina & Mike Phillips                 Tanisha Corrie, Bryn Glaude    Melissa Simmons, Anna Zotalis

Marina Defaria_Amber Potter Pam Grzelak_Heather Chan Kate Ferro_Rosalva Tunstall
Marina Defaria, Amber Potter   Pam Grzelak, Heather Chan       Kate Ferro, Rosalva Tunstall

Cheryl Taberos Odette Chananukel_Elizabeth Cid del Prado
Cheryl Taberos                                                             Odette Chananukel, Elizabeth Cid del Prado

Dave Metz, Roxanne Fraizer, Heidi Scott, Eric Lopez

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