The Westin St. Francis was the site of the Guide Dogs for the Blind’s holiday luncheon, which raised roughly $200,000 with close to 1,000 people in attendance.

Vanessa Zielke_Amy Carr Nancy Gardner_Sigrid Button Laura Chandler_Craig Dietrich
Vanessa Zielke, Amy Carr           Nancy Gardner, Sigrid Button    Laura Chandler, Craig Dietrich

Stephanie Corrigan_Christina Gavello_Lainie Garrick Marilyn Bautista_Tracey Avery
Stephanie Corrigan, Christina Gavello, Lainie Garrick                   Marilyn Bautista, Tracey Avery

Sandy Hontalas_Benetta Rohal_DeAnn Spalding Julie Ambrose_Paulette Goodrich
Sandy Hontalas, Benetta Rohal, DeAnn Spalding                       Julie Ambrose, Paulette Goodrich