Guide To Pride: Where to Eat Within Walking Distance of the Party


With all the midday drinking, cheering along the parade route, and pre- and post- partying that are de rigeur during Pride, you’re bound to work up a killer appetite. With road closures and nary a cab in sight, our food editors have chosen places within an easy walk of the festivities.

Grab and Go: If you fancy a picnic on the Civic Center lawn or in Dolores Park, plan ahead—you should call in your order to Ike’s Place (3506 16th St., 415-553-6888, well in advance (they open at 10 a.m. on weekends). Will it be the Sexy Boy, the Get Over It or the We’re Just Friends? Whatever you order, get it with dirty sauce. Pick up the rest of the picnic—drinks, chips and dessert—at Harvest Urban Market (2285 Market St., 415-626-0805).

Lunch: After you’ve watched all the gyrating and drag queens you can stand, head to Woodhouse Fish Co. (2073 Market St., 415-437-2722, for a couple beers and a fried fish sandwich or lobster roll at this East coast-inspired fish shack. It’s the closest you’ll get to Provincetown in San Francisco.

Cocktail Hour: Cocktail hour starts early during Pride. When it’s time to whet your whistle, grab a seat at Absinthe (398 Hayes St., 415-551-1590,, where bartender Johnny Raglin mixes up perfect versions of time-honored cocktails, including the refreshing Ginger Rogers. If you’re feeling like a Latin-inspired libation, Pisco Latin Lounge (1817 Market St., 415-874-9951, is the spot.  Pair your Pisco sour or punch with plantain chips and Peruvian mini-burgers.

The Hangout: Café Flore (2298 Market St., 415-621-8579, becomes de facto ground zero all Pride weekend long—they serve food (including a serviceable burger) but let’s be honest—you’re not really there for the food, are you?

Late Night: Suddenly realize that the clock has tipped past 11, you’ve got more cocktails than food in your belly and you still have many hours of revelry ahead? Kasa (4001 18th St., 415-621-6940, has the answer—filling, delicious Indian “wraps” called kati rolls, stuffed with your choice of filling. On Friday and Saturday nights they’re open until midnight, and they also will deliver after 6 p.m.. If the hunger strikes in the wee hours, there is only one choice. Bagdad Café (2295 Market St., 415-621-4434, is open around the clock Thursday through Saturday, and they serve breakfast all day—because sometimes you do need pancakes at 3 a.m.

The Morning After: When you finally rouse yourself Sunday morning and are in desperate need of a civilized breakfast, make your way to Bar Jules (609 Hayes St., 415-621-5482, for hair-of-the-dog in tangerine mimosa form, Blue Bottle Coffee and some of owner Jessica Boncutter’s Cal-Ital creations.

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