This week the blog Handful of Salt morphed into an online magazine. The SF-based venture will still cover the intersection of contemporary craft, design and art (editor Regina Connell calls it  DesignCraft), but there are some big (and slick) changes in store. We asked Connell a few questions about the new look and feel of the popular brand.

Now that Handful of Salt is relaunching as an online magazine, how will it be different?

It will be different in three ways:
1. It will cover global DesignCraft, instead of just the U.S. (but the emphasis will remain on the U.S.).
2. We'll have more features about what's going on in the world of DesignCraft, and what we call the "eco-system": institutions of all sizes that support craft in general and DesignCraft in particular. We'll also have features that focus on the intersection between design and technology, and things like book reviews.
3. Turning Handful of Salt from a linear blog into an online magazine makes it easier for the site to be used as a real resource for DesignCraft, which the movement needs. People will be better able to navigate and browse by media, subject, or even designer/maker. Read more...