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Although Austin, Texas has rightfully earned the title of being the live music capital of the world–thanks to the diverse array of artists that grace the numerous local venues seven nights a week. From punk rock to bluegrass, Austin has it covered. But this month, the SF live music scene can boast a formidable lineup that definitely rivals that ... ahem … little Texas town. Whether you like to dance, or like to rock, there’s at least one, or two, or 12 live shows this month that are sure to please. Here are some highlights of SF’s mucho music month that I’m not afraid to call Rocktober.

courtesy of Datarock

Friday, October 5: Datarock at Rickshaw Stop
Hailing from Bergen, Norway this pop-disco duo serve up artful dance music that incorporates seemingly disparate influences–think the braininess of experimental art rockers the Talking Heads meets the frivolity and effervescence of late ’70s disco and the drugged-out dance appeal of early ‘90s acid house–to make a complete sound that’s undeniably unique, but also comfortingly familiar. If their music isn’t enough reason to love these hip Norwegians, then check out their signature uniform: matching retro burgundy sweat suits.

Bill Callahan
courtesy of Bill Callahan

Sunday, October 7: Bill Callahan at the Independent
For all of you looking for folk-influenced music without the freaky quotient, be sure to head on over to the Independent to see former Smog frontman Bill Callahan. Making his official solo debut on Woke on a Whaleheart, the Austin-by-way-of-Maryland singer/songwriter offers a lush mélange of enchanting songs that are mainly deep meditations about love, intimacy and the mysteries of the psyche. With lavish string arrangements, jangling, labyrinthine guitars and profound lyrics Whaleheart is an album made for a live show.

courtesy of Justice

Wednesday, October 10: Justice at Mezzanine
If you’ve never heard of French electronic outfit Justice you’ve definitely been living under a rock. This uber-hip dance and remixing duo incorporate elements of house and electro with a heavy dose of rock n’ roll swagger on their outstanding debut . Tracks like the playful “D.A.N.C.E.” which sounds a hedonistic nursery rhyme for adults and “Waters of Nazareth” with heavy, sinister bass and thundering beats are undeniably danceable while still being innovative and subversive. Get out from under your rock and go dance with Justice!

More Shows to Check out:

Monday, October 8 and Tuesday, October 9: Beirut at Herbst Theatre
Thursday, October 11: Bats For Lashes at Slim's
Monday, October 15: Black Lips at Great American Music Hall
Friday, October 19: the Go! Team at Mezzanine
Saturday, October 20: Interpol at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
Saturday, October 27: U.N.K.L.E at Mezzanine

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