Did you know that the Castro Theatre's organ, a.k.a., "the Mighty Wurlitzer," isn't even owned by the theater? Alas, it is not. It's owned by a San Francisco resident who has decided to move out of town... and they're taking the organ with them. Oy. But here's how you can help:

The SF CODA (San Francisco Castro Organ Devotees Association) has started an Indiegogo campaign that, if it gains enough funding, will help build "the largest pipe/digital organ in the world" at the Castro Theatre. According to SFCODA, "it will retain the glorious sound of the Wurlitzer pipes while employing cutting-edge digital technology to expand it into a classical and orchestral concert organ of unprecedented versatility."

After all, organ music has been a tradition at the theater since 1922. Help them out, won't you? Check out the campaign here, and then throw them a few bucks. Do it today. Do it often. Do it now. [Castro Biscuit]