Her Bombolloni bring all the boys to the yard


We were saying a fond farewell to one of our fine interns last Friday, over a lovely little breakfast at Boulettes Larder. I swear, eating at that place is like being in a dream—everything is just so delicious and aesthetically pleasing. And there is something about having a proper breakfast like that, all hot cereal and pristine fruit, that makes you feel like you’ve done something good for yourself.

Ah, but—let’s just say sometimes doing something good for yourself just isn’t that much fun. This probably explains why, after finishing our delicious breakfast, my head whipped around so quickly when I saw someone walk by with something that looked for all the world like a jelly donut. Turns out it’s a Bombolloni from Boriana’s little shop in the Ferry Building (the one that sells all the Tuscan imports), and a bombolloni by any other name is a donut. They’ve started selling espresso drinks and bombolloni (in four flavors: nutella, chocolate, custard and raspberry) each morning, and they are good.

I shared mine with our Research Editor Leilani Labong, who did as her title suggests and thoroughly researched the bombolloni. She liked the tender, yielding dough, but I liked the filling, a raspberry jam that was equal parts sweet and tart. Next up, custard flavor.
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