Here Comes the Judge


Hopfinger vs. Tucker. Where do you put your money?

I’m one of those…how shall I say…opinionated individuals. Even when I’m really trying not to express obvious displeasure or great thrill, I’m an open book. This quality makes me a terrible poker player (4 aces! Whoopie!) but a good source for candid, genuine, often unsolicited, advice and recommendations. Tonight I'm attending an event that is tailor-made for my particular skill set.

I'll be judging a Battle of the Chefs competition (billed as an Industry Night) held at Macy’s. It’s kind of an SF version of Iron Chef: Two chefs go head to head in an hour long cooking challenge, with play-by-play commentary by none other than Top Chef’s Marisa Churchill. Then the two chefs present their dishes to the distinguished panel of judges (that’s me!), who vote and declare a winner. I’m already trying to plan my moves. Will I go the way of the young Japanese woman who judges the Iron Chef competitions, giggling behind my hand, making little comments like “soooo delicious!” Or, should I take the Jeffrey Steingarten’s iron-handed approach, delivering a verdict swiftly and without remorse?

Tonight’s event pits Circa's Erik Hopfinger vs. Brick’s Noah Tucker, and the event begins at 6:30pm. Admission is $10, and includes snacks and entertainment…plus a chance to hear my opinions, loud and clear. Click here for more information.
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