Courtesy of Misha Vladimirskiy

An invite-only crowd gathered at San Francisco’s 330 Ritch last night for an evening poised to position bourbon and indie rock as the combo most likely to overturn pb&j’s decades-long dictatorship. Newly knowledged-and-liquored-up following an illuminating lesson in stateside whiskey (courtesy of a Knob Creek expert who rewarded extra-savvy students with flasks), the audience was then treated to a spot-on set from local indie rock outfit Here Here, who’s Arcade Fire-meets-Beirut sound paired extra-smoothly with the hosted bourbon cocktails. Maximizing their multi-instrumental potential with accordion, trumpet and banjo flourishes, the sextet played songs off their self-released album the Boy With an Orange, including “Moving Up North” and “You Sold Your Shadow” in addition to previewing new tunes “Bury Me in the South,” “Ghost Town” and “The Bridge.”  Though the show was over much too soon (what, no LCD Soundsystem cover of “Someone Great” like we know you’ve been perfecting?) the hint of caramel we’d come to identify in the Basil Hayden on the rocks proved sweet consolation.