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The latest Pacific Catch, on 9th Avenue


Sometime soon, in the pages of 7x7, you may well read a guide to the best take-out in San Francisco. This is my personal pet project, borne out of nights spent racking my brain when it’s too late or I’m too tired to cook much of anything. Until that time, though, I’ll offer you the first recommendation: Pacific Catch.

This mini-chain just opened its third location (second in San Francisco) on 9th Avenue at Lincoln in the Sunset. They took over the space from Canvas Cafe and gave it a makeover that is best characterized by bamboo—acres of it, on the floors and the tabletops—which, along with the blue tiles, the overhead fans and the open kitchen give the whole restaurant a not-entirely-unpleasant suburban feel. As the name suggests, fish is the focus here, and I was cheered to learn that they consult the Monterey Aquarium’s “green light” list when selecting what fish to serve. They also turn their fry oil in bio-diesel, use biodegradable take-out containers and straws and recycle, too.

 The best dishes are the simplest: the fish specials, listed on a chalkboard, are good bets; fish tacos, topped with a tangy tomatillo-avocado sauce, are comprised of expertly fried chunks of white fish. There are also a host of meal-sized salads, their signature poke, and some excellent sweet potato fries. It’s easy to see why Pacific Catch does so well—their inexpensive, something-for-everyone approach is appealing, and—here’s the best part—everything on the menu can be ordered to-go. Call 15 minutes ahead, then stop in to pick up a wholesome meal that’s several notches above the corner chicken-wing joint.


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