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Highway 1

Explore Waterfalls, Wildflowers, and Redwoods on These Lovely Spring Hikes

Here’s to less fog, longer days, and our favorite Bay Area hikes for the new season.

A Modern Guide to Half Moon Bay

There are plenty of scenic hikes, endless beaches, and delicious food to keep you happy. 

The Best of Big Sur: Hiking, Camping, Beaches, and Waterfalls

Big Sur is one of the country's most iconic road trips. Some folks wing it, driving the 90-mile stretch of California coastline between San Simeon and Carmel and taking in the views through the car window and stopping at popular spots, but some of Big Sur's best hikes and waterfalls are easily missed when you don't veer from Highway 1. Check out these hidden attractions next time you're in the area. 

Drop Anchor at These Must-Stop Seafood Shacks Between San Francisco and L.A.

Sun and seafood shacks are what coastal dreams are made of. There's nothing better than biting into a soft abalone taco or slurping hot, creamy clam chowder when your stomach is growling after a day on the road. If you're thinking of hitting Highway 1, here are five of our favorite stops for seafood lovers between San Francisco to Los Angeles.

5 Beautiful Coastal Drives Around the Bay Area

With a coastline that stretches for over 800 miles, we never tire of the gorgeous vistas that can be admired while cruising down the California coast. Check out these five gorgeous drives (perfect for a day-trip from the city), the next time you want to feel the wind in your hair, the sun on your skin, and the spray of the ocean. 

Treat Yourself to a Luxurious Weekend in Carmel-by-the-Sea

Two weeks ago, I decided to leave the hustle, bustle, and turmoil of the Super Bowl-ridden Bay Area behind and treat myself to a luxurious 36 hours in the Monterey Peninsula. If you're also in need of a short, but glorious, break then follow these simple guidelines to relaxing in style. 

A Road Trip Guide to Bodega Bay

Curvy Highway 1, breathtaking vistas of the ocean, lush meadows, oyster farms, small towns, local delicacies, and pristine nature is what you can expect on your drive up to Bodega Bay. Only about two hours away from San Francisco this day trip will give you the satisfaction of a faraway weekend escape. 

Road Trip Guide: Quick Adventures From SF to LA

Ah...the open road. Nothing beats leaving behind the office and paperwork and hitting the highway, wind in your hair. Whether you're headed south for the holidays, or are just in need of some sunshine, be sure to hit up these 5 adventures the next time you road trip to LA. 

How to Spend 50 Perfect Hours in Pebble Beach, Carmel & Monterey

One of the best parts of living in the Bay Area is its proximity to Pebble Beach, Monterey, and Carmel. These three destinations offer some of the best vistas, beaches, restaurants, and outdoor activities in all of California. A camera is required for this experience.

Weekend Guide: TIMF, Anthony Bourdain Tasting Menu & Literary Trivia

You're so not getting any work done this weekend.

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