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Five Reasons to Head to Bodega Bay in Winter

Bodega Bay beach

The holidays may be right around the corner, but instead of spending your weekends shopping, give yourself a gift: A getaway to the beach. Whether it's for the day or the weekend, being able to spend a typical winter Saturday on the beach is a huge Bay Area perk. One of my go-to favorite beaches is Bodega Bay.

Escape from SF: Point Reyes

On the western edge of Marin county is a beautiful National Seashore, quaint towns, great bicycling, camping, wildlife viewing and amazing hiking. Welcome to Point Reyes and the surrounding area.

Recently, we spent a weekend exploring the area and took some photos along the way. Escape up Highway 1 and be outside of the reach of the noise and hustle of the city within 1.5 hours.

Northern California Beach Escapes

Mendocino County beach

When most people think of California beaches, they typically think Southern California beaches. This is for good reason when you consider the beauty and history of the beaches in and around San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles. While the conditions and weather of Northern California's beaches don't always call for bikini-clad vacationers, they are not to be overlooked. Here are a few to consider for your next escape from San Francisco.

Day Trip Alert! Our Must-See Picks for Carmel's Art and Film Fest

Carmel Art and Film Festival

Weekend warriors looking for things to do outside of the city have their work cut out for them this weekend Just a short drive down the 101 will drop them smack in the middle of Carmel-by-the-Sea (just Carmel to the locals) for the 4th annual Carmel Art and Film Festival, one of the best excuses this time of the year to visit the charming seaside community which, in truth, should need none to draw a crowd.

It's Mushroom Mania in Monterey


Every week, we'll be featuring a guest post from the travel writers behind Worth the Drive, a blog featuring nearby getaways, festivals, and sweet travel deals on NBC Bay Area.

Santa Barbara with the Family on a Quarter or Two

Santa Barbara

Traveling as a family typically goes hand in hand with traveling on some kind of a budget. Costs add up quickly when dinner for two doubles to dishes for four, and you take up a majority, if not all of the row on the airplane. So when you stumble upon an unexpected bargain when on vacation, like Santa Barbara’s Downtown-Waterfront Shuttle, it stands out like a shining star.

Five Must-Visit Stops on a Big Sur Road Trip

Few would argue against Big Sur as one of the great road trips, not just in America, but the entire world.  While the entire length of the California coastline is known for its dramatic landscape, rugged coastline, and sweeping views, Big Sur ups the ante. Today we highlight a few of the best stops on a Big Sur road trip.

Hello, Giant Pacific Octopus

Hello, Giant Pacific Octopus

Every week, we'll be featuring a guest post from the travel writers behind Worth the Drive, a blog featuring nearby getaways, festivals, and sweet travel deals on NBC Bay Area.

Hanging Out in Santa Barbara with the Family On Foot

Hanging Out in Santa Barbara with the Family On Foot

Whenever I arrive somewhere new, I like to go walking and exploring with my family to help us get our bearings. Especially if the getting there took some time in a car or plane. The drive from San Francisco to Santa Barbara is a little less than 6 hours - long but doable for a traveling family. Picturesque and pedestrian-friendly, Santa Barbara is a great place to park the car and get some fresh air while seeing the town.

Must-See Beaches in Mendocino County

Mendocino Beach

When most folks think of California beaches, thoughts of Southern sun soaked places like Malibu, Venice and Manhattan Beach typically come to mind. They’re all great destinations, but there’s more to be had at California beaches than a great tan. Visitors willing to trade a swimsuit for a sweatshirt will find reward and maybe even treasure in Mendocino County.

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