Holiday Drinker's Gift Guide, Gift #1


Over the next two weeks, I'm going to give a series of  recommendations for buzzed-related products that would make worthy gifts for any drinker in your life.

First up is the Wine Snob's Dictionary. Written by David Kamp and David Lynch (a friend of mine and author of the excellent Italian wine book Vino Italiano), this is the latests in Kamp's snob's guides, which has covered such subjects as the rock snob and the film snob. Genres like wine, film and rock are perfect for skewering as they're populated with aficionados who define themselves by a certain orthodoxy of taste. The great thing about these books, though, is that they educate while entertaining. While you learn yourself what kinds of things the rock fan or the wine fan needs to know to converse at the same level of snobs, you can also make fun of them. The terms are all used in sentences for you so you get a sense of how it sounds in practice. In the wine book, which just came out, you'll find great entries like this: "Climat. Wine-talk diminutive of TERROIR, used to denote the siting of a particular vineyard. Similar in meaning to CRU, but considerably more precious in conversation. To my mind, no other climat delivers wines with the velvety texture of Richebourg."

It's good fun and also educational and comes in pocket book size for a perfect stocking-stuffer.

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