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Welcome to the nightlife blog. And by nightlife, I mean, my life at night; which pretty much breaks down to too many nights out grabbing drinks and seeing live shows when I should go straight home and do laundry/get “a jump” on the week because it’s Monday and that’s what you’re supposed to do on Mondays instead of sharing a pitcher of margaritas (but what’s the point in each person ordering one salt-rimmed glass when you’ll both inevitably want another?).

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

This week, I’m flying home to spend the holidays with my family in L.A. But let’s say I wasn’t flying home. And let’s say I missed out on getting tickets to see Joanna Newsom (whose sold-out shows at the Great American Music Hall this week are well worth a last-minute try for tickets). You’d definitely find me at Popscene’s Holiday Party ( this Thursday for the Silversun Pickups show. If you were standing next to me at Bimbo’s when the Silversun Pickups opened for Two Gallants at this year’s Noise Pop festival you’re thinking: Wasn’t that the band you said sounded like everyone else? To which I say: Do you have to remember everything I say about every band? Well I’ve had a change of heart. After catching lead singer Brian Aubert’s acoustic set backstage at this year’s Not So Silent Night festival, I’m newly enamored with the Silverlake-based band. (As a bonus, after the set was over Aubert went around the room and shook everyone’s hand—as if he were taking that person’s daughter out on a date that evening. Cute.) They’ve been aptly compared to the Smashing Pumpkins and also remind me of a more recent indie attention-getter, the Comas. I think you’ll get along.

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