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Woodworking Magic: A Look Inside the Studio of Anzfer Farms

Joe Ferriso and Jon Anzalone had similar career paths: Both studied painting and took woodworking jobs to make money. Before making woodworking their vocation, Anzalone apprenticed with woodworker Peter Murkett and Ferriso worked in a frame shop (where he built boxes to display Martin Scorsese’s awards). After moving to San Francisco, they made it their day job and opened their studio. 

Hand-Blown Terrariums at Heath Ceramics Showroom

Whether for indoor or outdoor use, terrariums are a great way to create your own little biosphere. Even if you were not born with a green thumb, terrariums provide an excellent environment for plants to thrive. So if you want to create your own floral diorama check out these beautiful hand-blown terrariums now available at the Heath Ceramics showroom in Sausalito.

Oakland Designer Turns Used Bicycle Parts Into Mod Wall Clocks

Whether you’re a pedal-pushing road warrior or a casual joyrider, you have to admit–bikes are pretty darn cool to look at. Well, thanks to Oakland-based craftster, Liz Dickey, we can now admire the two-wheel cruisers all the time. The Portland transplant turns recycled bicycle parts into mod designer wall clocks.

Dickey spiffs up greasy old bike chain rings and then uses discarded fabric scraps for the clocks’ background. From French wool plaid to faux leather, tweed to bamboo-like wallpaper, the industrial metal paired with different colors and textures of reclaimed textiles is a brilliant, gear-shifting design idea.

Fire Escape Farms Pop-Up Shop: Green Thumbs for Small Spaces

Naya Peterson was perplexed that the Mission, "one of the sunniest and most food-centric neighborhoods in the city," didn't have a gardening store. So she opened Fire Escape Farms, a pop-up mecca for urbanites looking  to grow gardens in their small apartments. Fire Escape Farms focuses on edible gardening in small spaces and offers seeds specifically meant for San Francisco growing. And for bike and foot-bound urbanites, Fire Escape even offers delivery via bio-disel wagon. 

Estate Sale: An Elegant Existence in West Clay Park

There's a certain kind of estate sale that gets to me: The ones where you feel as if you are walking through rooms the dearly departed have only recently vacated. You can get a sense of how the owners lived, what they loved and the type of people they were by looking at their possessions. This week's sale at 140 24th Ave. is such an event and it's filled with interesting finds. It opens this morning at 10 a.m., and it's a can't-miss for treasure hunters.

Sink Into HD Buttercup's Half Yearly Sale

Confession: I'd never been to HD Buttercup. Though I enjoy interiors, my place is packed solid, so I don't furniture window shop much, however I do want a new bed...When I caught wind of the SOMA furniture store's half-yearly sale I rode over and disappeared from reality for about a half-hour.

Churchill: Design Details on The Castro's Newest Watering Hole

One glance at the intersection of Church & Market Streets and it's clear something's different. Gone is the strobe-lit hole that was Bar On Church and in its place stands Churchill, a new earth-toned bar that feels like a cushy military barracks.

We caught up with local designer extraordinaire Lauren Geremia — who also styled Double Dutch and Bloodhound — to see how she brought this new spot (that's already packed nightly) to life.

Tell us about the local designers or artists that you used to bring Churchill together.

Local Design Files: The Summit Café

Back when I spent my time as the ultimate freelancer, I was exhibit A at the local Mission café, sipping away on a cup of tea gone cold and crumbing up my periphery with half-munched pastries. I had on my list of requirements for an adopted workspace an offering of reliable wifi Internet, electric outlets to power my laptop, and a decent tea selection. Café culture is at a height in the Mission district, and those available outlets were hard to find, so I welcomed The Summit with arms outstretched. And I didn't hesitate to contact proprietor Desi Danganan to find out how The Summit separates itself from the pack.

The Marimekko Shop to Open in SF

Marimekko, the most joy-inducing textile on the planet, is setting up shop in two Crate & Barrel stores in California next month. And, if you can't wait to get your design jollies on, an online shop opened just hours ago. Marimekko and Crate & Barrel are not exactly strangers, as the contemporary retailer has been selling the Finnish design house's ubiquitious poppy print for years.

Two-Day Sale at The Curiosity Shoppe

March Madness isn’t just for ballers anymore. My collector pals Lauren Smith and Derek Fagerstrom over at The Curiosity Shoppe, the spot to find clever DIY kits, limited-edition homewares, and handmade gifts are gearing up for their own playoffs. Enter code marchmadness at checkout for 20% off your order, today (3/30) and tomorrow (3/31) only!

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