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Estate Sale Report: Godly Goods in Historic St. Joseph's Church

I really love estate sales, and sometimes I'm so enthusiastic about the goods I think I frighten the organizers. Perhaps it's unnerving to have a stranger call up out of the blue, say she's going to write a blog about your sale and then proceed to get all exercised about the wares. But people, I'm talking about a sale in an abandoned church featuring religious items and vintage designer clothes! Whose voice wouldn't raise a few octaves?

I got very excited when I saw that there is an estate sale going on in St. Joseph's Church at 10th and Howard Sts. Friday and Saturday. The building has been closed for many years (the woman organizing the sale thinks doors have been shut since the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake). Above is a photo of the church in happier times, before the quake. Read more...