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How We'd Fix Up the Historic Nightingale House

Offered at $1.575, the historic Nightingale House is a maze of strangely make-shift rooms, but with a little love and lot of white paint, I could easily live there.

"This house redefines the word 'potential,' said Realtor Scott Kalmbach as he opened the door to 201 Buchanan and waited to see my excitement level dip. It did but only for a minute. The house, which was built in 1882 by San Francisco real estate developer John Nightingale, has a long list of very cool features: 4,400 square feet, a mixture of contrasting architecture that blends towers and gables, gothic windows and a Victorian fainting room, a spacious attic and a sunny studio addition. However, there are some drawbacks like the strange layout, a horrific kitchen with it's pegboard backsplash and two bathrooms that both need to be gutted, a lack of a yard and a general creepiness that comes from the in-law unit underneath. Though it's been panned by neighbors for being run-down and haunted, I can imagine a few easy fixes that would make it livable in no time. Read more...