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Local Design Files: The Summit Café

Back when I spent my time as the ultimate freelancer, I was exhibit A at the local Mission café, sipping away on a cup of tea gone cold and crumbing up my periphery with half-munched pastries. I had on my list of requirements for an adopted workspace an offering of reliable wifi Internet, electric outlets to power my laptop, and a decent tea selection. Café culture is at a height in the Mission district, and those available outlets were hard to find, so I welcomed The Summit with arms outstretched. And I didn't hesitate to contact proprietor Desi Danganan to find out how The Summit separates itself from the pack.

Enlisting designer Brent Kanbayashi, I/O Ventures and Desi Danganan of former Poleng restaurant and nightclub renown, the former New College site was reinvigorated with a gathering space that serves as a café and incubation space for the city's tech start-ups. That's right, on the other side of the café is prime office real estate with unlimited access to round-the-clock coffee service. The Summit brings the city’s esteemed Blue Bottle Coffee to the Mission and also operates as a neighborhood creative commons by inviting mixed-use development of art and technology. Read more...