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Weekend Estate Sale: An Academic's Treasure Trove in Los Gatos

Is collecting an inherited trait? Judging from the astounding depth and breadth of the goods offered at an estate sale this weekend in Los Gatos, the answer is "yes." In this family, grandmother was a collector and her daughter and son-in-law continued the tradition. The beneficiary is you, when you venture into this house that's better stocked than some antiques and vintage stores.The sale is staged by Martin Codina's Fine Estate Liquidation company. Codina has been running estate sales for 15 years, and what he doesn't know about antiques, art and collectibles may not be worth learning (check out his blog, and you'll find out a lot about, well, a lot).

Where to begin? This family, a pair of academics, loved to buy items ranging from the fine to the esoteric. The staggering display of wares (at first, I mistook this as a sale combining the estates of several people) includes great art, antique furniture, fine tableware and good rugs, as well everyday items like kerosene lanterns and rocking chairs. Be it a rare piece or a more common item, this husband-and-wife team liked their decorative arts and housewares in multiples. Read more...