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Sneak a Peek at Today's Gilt City San Francisco Deals

Who doesn't want a deal? Even better—heads up on a deal that hasn't gone live yet. Last Tuesday Gilt City San Francisco joined the ranks of Groupon, Living Social, Fresh Guide, Bergine, and more, giving members unique access to deals at top Bay Area destinations including restaurants, spas, entertainment venues, museums, and shops. Weekly Gilt City San Francisco sales go online every Tuesday at 12 p.m. PST, but we got the skinny on what to expect today. Here's your sneak peek of what's to come.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1950 SoMa 1 Bdrm

We like to keep our apartment finds as low as possible, but sometimes looks–not to mention neighborhoods–conspire against us. Such was the case on both fronts with this weeks Craigslist Deal. It's a little bit pricier than the usual, but given the location and sharp interior (that comes fully furnished, in addition) we'd still say it's a steal.

New Tesla Model S Being Lifted by Crane to Autodesk Gallery at One Market

Part of Market Street will be shut down this Sunday, and it's because they're lifting a car by crane into the Autodesk Design Gallery at One Market.

But not just any car: It's one of the new Tesla Model S Sedans, and it's being lifted two stories and through the arched windows of the building to its display perch at the Autodesk Design Gallery for the next few months. The car's just a design model, however, the real deal won't be available for purchase until 2012.

What are the Most Innovative Design Products to Come Out of California This Year?

You've probably noticed that we post sister pub California Home+Design's musing on the San Francisco design scene from time to time here.

But we're expanding it beyond the hyperlocal for a second to call attention to their annual Hit List voting. It's a (quite impressive) roundup of what their readers nominated as the most innovative design products to come out of the state of California in the past year.

Antiques Addicts, Get Your Fix at @ This Weekend's 20th Century Modernism Show & Sale

San Francisco is not a city short on antiques fairs. For starters, there's old faithful in Alameda and the new upstart at Candlestick Park, both of which occur monthly. And if you attend just those two with any regularity, you know how quickly you can become addicted to going. So what's an antique addict to do on the off-weeks between events? This weekend offers just the ticket, with the annual 20th Century Modernism Show & Sale pulling into Herbst Pavillion in Fort Mason.

Is the Raffle House in Marin Your Dream Home?

We here at 7x7 and California Home + Design can get pretty excited about a good home raffle, so when I first saw a commercial for this year's Dream House contest from Community Action Marin, I took to the website immediately. What would this year's dwelling look like? Is it worth my hard-earned cash for a ticket (or three)? Here's what I found...

How to Prevent A Gas Leak In Your Own Home

The devastating fire that erupted in San Bruno last week is at the forefront of many of our minds. Along with concerns for the victims and families displaced by the flames, we keep thinking about prevention and detection measures to take at home. Read more. . .

Cuckoo for Chicken Coops

I've fawned over countless homes on this blog before, from sprawling mansions to petite cottages; I've even yearned for a playhouse or two.

Niels Otto Møller Collection Debuts at DWR

What are your thoughts on the widespread omnipresence of mid-century modern home furniture? Some say the style's resurgence has run its course. To that I say, pshaw. I'm all for embracing new looks, but I don't see MCM design passing into the night anytime soon. The style's clean lines and simple, functional pieces have a timeless appeal that, in my humble opinion, is built for the long haul, not just a passing trend.

Tafoni Floating Homes: The New Wave of Sausalito Houseboats?

By day, Joanna Borek-Clement designs office buildings and commercial interiors for architectural firm DGA in San Francisco, but once she leaves the office she goes to work on her own conceptual projects. “It’s too early in my career to start my own firm, but by sharing my concepts with the online community it’s as if I am already out there on my own,” says Borek-Clement. She’s designed towers that float above the Tokyo skyline, but her latest creation is a houseboat that both interacts with and mimics its coastal surroundings.

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