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Estate Sale Report: A Collector's Dream Comes to the Old American Rag Shop

For several years I've been ducking down Fern Alley off Van Ness Street  to visit a little store whose name I never knew. The small space was packed to the rafters with estate goods and shopping there was like combing through 1,000 attics stuffed into a four-room flat. For the next several months, that business has a new name (Tenenbaum's Emporium) and a new Van Ness Street location (the old American Rag store between Bush and Sutter Sts.). Best of all, all the goods are 50 percent off. Read more.....

Estate Sale Report: Godly Goods in Historic St. Joseph's Church

I really love estate sales, and sometimes I'm so enthusiastic about the goods I think I frighten the organizers. Perhaps it's unnerving to have a stranger call up out of the blue, say she's going to write a blog about your sale and then proceed to get all exercised about the wares. But people, I'm talking about a sale in an abandoned church featuring religious items and vintage designer clothes! Whose voice wouldn't raise a few octaves?

Winner Announced! SF's Best-Designed Restaurant

A couple of weeks ago, our sister mag California Home+Design queried local design-lovers on who they thought should be named SF's best-designed restaurant, and it was a heated battle with over 3,000 votes cast. The winner? Local: Mission Eatery.

The Real Estate Report: Gaming the Market in Oakland

Sometimes, realtors and their clients like to be coy. Here's a house in Oakland that's not on the MLS, has no address, and the price is available only "on request."

The Basics: A 4-bedroom, 3.5-bath house in the Oakland Hills, built in 2008.

Painted Portraits From Past Eras At This Weekend's Russian Hill Estate Sale

It seems like a lot of estate sales these days are staged by the living. Perhaps it's because of the economy, but it seems like people are paring down their possessions. Great news, because there's more for the rest of us. In a sale on Russian Hill this weekend, a couple is divesting themselves of an interesting art collection and more.

Real Estate Report: Minimalist SOMA Condo for $609K

There's something to be said for minimalist design as an opportunity to get rid of everything. This condo almost requires it, and liberation can finally be yours for $609K.

The Basics: A one-bedroom, one-bath, one-parking space condo in San Francisco's SOMA neighborhood.

Not So Basic: A serene, impeccably detailed space in an aluminum and glass building designed by Stanley Saitowitz, a San Francisco architect whose buildings are on the list of architectural tourists from all over the world.

Eccentric Estate Sale in Napa This Weekend

It's going to be perfect road trip weather this weekend, so head north to check out the goods from two lifetimes in one Victorian house near downtown Napa. On sale are the collected households of two women in their nineties; one was a long-time piano teacher the other owned a pawn shop. Need I say more?

Tonight! Modernist Pop-Up Shop in Oakland

If a weekend without the Alameda or Candlestick antique shows gives you the sads, chin up. Tonight you can find all those MCM treasures you adore, and you don't even have to dig for them.

Just head over to Oakland, where the Modernist Pop-Up Shop will be, um, popping up from 6 to 9pm. Interior stylist Dee Adams, Our House Vintage and Mad 4 Retro are pooling their resources for a Mid-Century Modern- and retro-filled shopping bonanza. It's taking place at The Cotton Mill Studio, with directions here.

Flip Out! Jeff Lewis is Coming to Town

It's been a little while since I've sat down to a good ol' Flipping Out marathon. I've got so many questions — namely, is he still going all sorts of crazy on anyone and everyone? Is Jenni  still in the picture, or is she finally fulfilling her destiny as a professional Julia Louis-Dreyfus impersonator? Is Zoila still giving Jeff the much-needed side eye on a regular basis?

Bargain Hunting at Harrington Galleries in the Mission

On a cool and cloudy weekend it's not fun digging for treasure in a drafty, old house. When the weather is this way, I head to places like Harrington Galleries in the Mission. You can shop the goods of several estate sales in one sheltered spot. Fiona O'Connor Devereux, whose parents opened Harringtons 40 years ago, has brought a new attitude to the establishment. She liquidates small estates (condos and houses that are too small to host a traditional estate sale) and the households of families who aren't interested in a free-for-all in a private home

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