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Tonight! Modernist Pop-Up Shop in Oakland

If a weekend without the Alameda or Candlestick antique shows gives you the sads, chin up. Tonight you can find all those MCM treasures you adore, and you don't even have to dig for them.

Just head over to Oakland, where the Modernist Pop-Up Shop will be, um, popping up from 6 to 9pm. Interior stylist Dee Adams, Our House Vintage and Mad 4 Retro are pooling their resources for a Mid-Century Modern- and retro-filled shopping bonanza. It's taking place at The Cotton Mill Studio, with directions here.

Flip Out! Jeff Lewis is Coming to Town

It's been a little while since I've sat down to a good ol' Flipping Out marathon. I've got so many questions — namely, is he still going all sorts of crazy on anyone and everyone? Is Jenni  still in the picture, or is she finally fulfilling her destiny as a professional Julia Louis-Dreyfus impersonator? Is Zoila still giving Jeff the much-needed side eye on a regular basis?

Bargain Hunting at Harrington Galleries in the Mission

On a cool and cloudy weekend it's not fun digging for treasure in a drafty, old house. When the weather is this way, I head to places like Harrington Galleries in the Mission. You can shop the goods of several estate sales in one sheltered spot. Fiona O'Connor Devereux, whose parents opened Harringtons 40 years ago, has brought a new attitude to the establishment. She liquidates small estates (condos and houses that are too small to host a traditional estate sale) and the households of families who aren't interested in a free-for-all in a private home

Mission's Pot + Pantry Now Online

While it's true I like cooking, what I really love is cookware. Whereas a recipe (not to mention my kitchen skills) has been known to let me down, a weathered wooden spoon or vintage Dansk pot never does. And both look just as good today as they did when they were made — try saying that about a meal.

So when I heard of a spot in the Mission that carries a brilliant mix of vintage and new cooking items, I had to check it out.

Dining Design Diary: Una Pizza Napoletana

I was never really into dinner theater. One of my best friends played an Oscar-worthy Maria in Joey and Maria’s Wedding in San Diego, but like many real weddings, the food took a back seat to the cheating cousins, tipsy bridesmaids and mouthy mothers-in-law.

I attended a different type of dinnertime drama this weekend when I went to Una Pizza Napoletana.

Poll: Are You Switching to a Verizon iPhone?

I don't get AT&T service in my apartment (or in most places in the Lower Haight, for that matter). After months of holding my phone up to phantom beams of service in attempts to send texts, I'm overjoyed that Verizon's coming out with an iPhone. I'm switching over as soon as is humanly possible, despite some of the arguments against it.

Scoping the Units at the New Presidio Landmark

My latest fantasy home is a brand-new LEED-certified, 3-story townhouse tucked in the woods of the Presidio with 3 bedrooms, a garage and a heated roofdeck. 

According to my Army doctor brother, being stationed in San Francisco at the Presidio—an option that was still available until the '90s—would be a dream assignment. And after touring Presidio Landmark, an adaptive restoration of the old U.S. Marine Hospital into luxury residential rentals, I can see what he means.

Can't-Miss Estate Sale in Old Firehouse on Broad Street

The estate sale this weekend at the old SFFD station on 117 Broad Street is filled with so many rare, valuable, historic and downright kooky collectibles, it will light a fire under your feet. Use that motivation to hot-foot it to this sale, because it's a can't-miss opportunity for people who want to own a bit of San Francisco history—or just something that's truly unique.

Male Appeal: Furniture for the Young Professional

I was at a holiday party last week  and in attendance were a large number of 20-something males. More than a few asked me what my plans were for the new year and I must admit I  was expecting an eye roll or two when I told them that I'd be blogging for a home and design magazine. Shame on me! Not only did I get a good response and earnest questions of interest, one young professional whipped out his cell phone and showed me an image of a new coffee table that he thought was "the bomb." 

Potrero's MCM Finds Is a Virtual Goldmine of Vintage Furnishings

I'll be the first to admit that the internet has ruined me for shopping in the real world. Online I can compare prices, see what's in stock, and don't have to worry about schlepping all those bags home afterwards. It's perfection. The one thing that keeps me tethered to real-deal, leave-the-house shopping, however, is the thrill of a good flea market. Alameda, Candlestick —these places offer unique pieces that can be terribly hard to find (particularly at a reasonable price) online. But now, thanks to the recent crop of local, independent furniture dealers popping up on the web, even the fleas are getting some stiff competition. At the moment, I'm particularly crazy about the selection of crave-worthy furniture at MidCentury Modern Finds.

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