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Real Estate Report: Living On the Edge (Maybe) on Telegraph Hill, $11M

Telegraph Hill is covered with quirky shingle houses and beautiful gardens. Because it was inaccessible, it's where the poor, the artistic, the writers, lived. Not any more.

Resolve to Learn Cool Stuff This Year: 3 Fish Studios Printmaking Workshops

When it comes to resolutions, I'm admittedly a pessimist. Go for a run every morning? Finish all my projects around the house? Pfft, not bloody likely. But if said resolution involves learning something fun, I'm a hopeless optimist. Sure, I'll take up sewing! Absolutely I'll be letterpressing like a pro by the end of the year!

But even if I'm utterly pumped at the idea of my as-yet-to-be newfound skill, making it happen can still be dicey. This year, I'd like to change that. So I've been looking up crafty workshops and classes to get me motivated early.

Dining Design Diary: Potrero Hill's Plow

I like to think I get around town to check out the new restaurants, but truth is I’ve been a bit spoiled lately with all the tasty new places opening up within very convenient stumbling distance from my Civic Center condo.

Wrap Your iPad in Something Pretty: A Roundup of eReader Covers

Christmas came early at my house, and this lucky girl's now the proud owner of an iPad. My phone's too old to be one of those "smart" numbers and my computer mainly stays at home, so this is my first major electronic to sashay out of the house with me on a regular basis.

Escape the Gray at Lotus Bleu

Yesterday I got caught in a hailstorm. HAIL, people. In California. It only lasted about 30 seconds, but it happened to be the exact same 30 seconds I was out of doors, walking to my car. Needless to say, I'm a little disappointed in how the weather's been acting this week.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1495 Jr 1 Bdrm Near Polk

The end of the year always brings good tidings and great rental deals. It's not thanks to holiday cheer, mind you; rather, it's landlords slashing prices to get their apartments rented when people are busy nesting and shopping, and have no intention of packing up and shipping out until at least late January. But if you're one of the brave souls willing to get through the holidays and a move in one whirlwind month, you're in luck: The market is rich with low-cost options.

Post-Christmas Sale at Room & Board

Let's be honest. Sometimes the best gifts are the ones we give ourselves. So if you already know that you won't be finding that perfect console table you've had your eye on since last Christmas under the tree, try taking matters into your own hands this year.

Celebrate The Rock Posters of Chronicle Books' "The Small Stakes" @ The Curiosity Shoppe Thursday

There's no shortage of excuses to party these next few weeks, but if you're looking for another one, it might behoove you to check out the Curiosity Shoppe this Thursday. They'll be celebrating the opening of Jason Munn's (aka the artist behind Chronicle Books' The Small Stakes) latest show in their gallery, featuring his pleasantly minimal limited-edition rock posters.

Gifts For Yourself (And Everyone Else) @ Renegade's Holiday Craft Fair

The holidays continue to gallop towards us at an alarming pace. You've got to get a tree, decorate, attend countless parties (tough life!), and somewhere in there buy presents for all your nearest and dearest. So far I've got one gift down, countless to go. It seems every time I sit down to find the perfect gift, I wind up with 20 things for my own wish list, and not a dang thing for anybody else. Read more. . . .

Gifts From Gump's: Golden Gate Puzzle

Celebrating 150 years in San Francisco next year, Gump's is an institution. Today the Union Square shop offers exclusive collectibles, artwork, antiques, jewelry and a range of tableware, books and furnishings.

It's our honor to offer a selection of holiday gifts from Gump's, hand-selected by our editors, for CH+D and 7x7 readers.

Gifts from Gump's #10: Tom Killion 'Golden Gate at Sunset' Puzzle

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