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Put Some Bounce in Your Bathroom for Spring

Have you embarked on your Spring cleaning yet? It seems the time to purge and give a good, deep clean to the home is upon us again. If you're on top of it and already have the house spic and span, may we suggest an area you might have, um, missed? It's the shower curtain. Yeah, we said it. You've had that thing for way too long, and the mildew on the bottom looks like it could be growing roots. Eww! Get rid of that old thing and at the same time inexpensively revitalize your bathroom with one of the myriad options at Aldea.

20x200's Jen Bekman On Collecting Art Without Breaking the Bank

Let’s be honest: Those blacklight posters don’t really carry the same weight they did in your college days. Maybe it’s time to graduate from dorm life and upgrade to some legitimate artwork. But before you blame your apartment’s drab décor on the spiraling economy, check out this amazing site: 20x200. New York gallery owner Jen Bekman is bringing limited edition, covet-worthy originals to the masses through her online endeavor. Named after the project’s first batch of 200, $20 prints (in their own words, “200x20 just didn't sound as good”), the site now offers a variety of editions and sizes.

Who's Decorating the Decorator Showcase?

San Francisco's annual Decorator Showcase is fast approaching, and after seeing the mansion where it's taking place our interest was, needless to say, piqued. Now the full list of contributing designers is available, as well as information on which room/space they'll be decorating.

Where is the YBCA Dream House?

The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts is raffling off a 2.4 mil dream house to raise funds for the organization. The official site lists its whereabouts as in the Inner Sunset, but to get our $150 for the raffle ticket, a little more information was needed. After all, in a city of four-square block neighborhoods, the Inner Sunset is truly a behemoth, stretching from Arguello to 19th Ave and Lincoln to God knows where (Ortega? Noriega? Taraval?). A dream home next to the entrance to UCSF's emergency room didn't sound appealling, nor did one in the alphabet streets lettered N and beyond.

Apartment Hunting? The Best Deals on Craigslist Right Now

A recent SFGate article reports that the city’s average monthly rent is $1642—and dropping. Here are a few of the best deals floating around on Craigslist.

1. Noe Valley studio $1450

The IKEA Car?

We're skeptical about this one, but imagine the convenience? Walk in for some Swedish meatballs, leave with a car. And you thought the directions for a side table were bad. A mysterious website popped up recently touting an IKEA car. Those who speak French, let us in on what the nicely dressed host is talking about (he looks like a Mac user). The "LEKO" (L'eco) is supposedly a collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund in France. But before you get your hopes up, the launch date is April 1st, fools.

Our Favorite Local Letterpress Designs

Don’t be surprised if the latest designs from Bay Area letterpresses render you speechless.

Sfgirlbybay's Stylish Seven: Bit of Britain

Pip, pip...cheerio and all that! In this week's Sfgirlbybay's Stylish Seven we're off to London Town! I found the airfares to the United Kingdom are quite affordable these days, so I'm in the midst of planning a May trip to London. So, in that spirit, I thought I'd share a bit of the brilliant and stylish Brits with you today.

Dandelion Spring Warehouse Sale

You can get lost wading through the 5,000 square feet of gifts and home decor at Dandelion; there so much good yet disparate stuff in that space that it can be a bit overwhelming. So we suggest bringing a compass, pack mule, and maybe some smelling salts to their Spring sale taking place this week, from Wednesday through Saturday. It's located at their warehouse in Potrero Hill, where there will be plenty of finds to be had (with 50% off all sale items) - if you're up to the expedition. Dandelion's warehouse is located at 1300 22nd Street at Mississippi in Potrero Hill.

Decorative Tiles by Diane Winters

Sometimes it's the little things that truly make a home - a detail or two that shows the owner's true style and devotion to the space. We think Diane Winters' handmade tiles might be just the personal touch a home needs. Her work is influenced by Art Deco and Arts & Crafts styles; no wonder we love the thought of a few of these at the entrance of an East Bay bungalow. Handcrafted by Winters at Earthworks in Berkeley, each tile's rich and varied look could add a bit of the warm, distinct feeling so essential to creating a personal space.

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