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Urban Biking & Sustainable Cities @ Dutch Design Week, Coming to SF

In the world of the wanderlust-y, there are Francophiles and Anglophiles, and die-hard Eat, Pray, Love fans that believe Italy and India are the meccas of spiritual reinvention.  Me, I’m more of a Nederphile.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1795 Lower Nob Hill 1 Bdrm

Wait, wait! Stick with me for a second. If the title of this week's Craigslist Deal hadn't declared "Not Tenderloin!" in large print, I might have skipped it too. But this true Lower Nob Hill unit is just a few blocks shy of 'Loin potential, and in this city, you know even a block or two can be a world of difference (and a completely different neighborhood).

7 Favorite Charities: DISH, Providing Housing for SF's Homeless

A few weeks ago, we asked you to nominate your favorite local charities. Check out the seven you chose as your favorite in the city here, who will each be receiving a $700 gift from us.  We've also been profiling each of these on our website. Don't forget to vote for your favorite to be featured as a "Charity You Love" in our February issue!

Weekend Estate Sale: An Academic's Treasure Trove in Los Gatos

Is collecting an inherited trait? Judging from the astounding depth and breadth of the goods offered at an estate sale this weekend in Los Gatos, the answer is "yes." In this family, grandmother was a collector and her daughter and son-in-law continued the tradition. The beneficiary is you, when you venture into this house that's better stocked than some antiques and vintage stores.The sale is staged by Martin Codina's Fine Estate Liquidation company. Codina has been running estate sales for 15 years, and what he doesn't know about antiques, art and collectibles may not be worth learning (check out his blog, and you'll find out a lot about, well, a lot).

Where to begin? This family, a pair of academics, loved to buy items ranging from the fine to the esoteric.

SF Designers! Send in Your Work to the 2011 CH+D Achievement Awards

Hey, San Francisco design professionals! A reminder to send in your latest and greatest  work to our sister pub, California Home + Design's 2011 Achievement Awards. Your project could be featured in their February issue. Send in your stuff by next Friday, November 19 in the following categories.

General Store's New Online Shop

In these modern times, we've all come to expect the world at the click of a button. So when a new gorgeous store opens outside of your city with no online shopping function, well, you might feel a tad put out.

If our frequent coverage of the Outer Sunset's General Store left readers outside of the Bay Area rather peckish to check out the goods, great news: The Outer Sunset shop has extended a taste of their lovely inventory to the virtual masses. Read more...

Scoping the Interiors of SF's Newest Coffee Shop, MA•Velous

I'm not a coffee drinker. When it comes to caffeine I have the tolerance of a two-year old, so anything more than a sip of the dark stuff and I'm up into the wee hours rearranging furniture (aka the design addict's answer to counting sheep). That said, I'm still excited to visit the newly opened MA•Velous on 10th and Market. It's not the beans that are drawing me to this coffee shop and café, though with six different ways to brew each artisanally-grown cup, I'm tempted. Instead, I'm anxious to check out the eco-friendly interiors by Adeeni Design Group.

Small Spaces: Great Apartment Design in 900 Square Feet or Less

Who says you need a mansion (or even a house) to show off design sensibility? Not these city dwellers, who've made their apartments, all less than 900 square feet, into showcases of urban style.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1495 Mission Studio

There's a lot of color in San Francisco's Mission District. Sometimes it comes courtesy of the profanity-laced ramblings you might be subjected to on a typical walk up the street, but mostly it's in the form of brightly hued murals and welcoming storefronts that dot the neighborhood. Either way, it adds up to the character of the area that, bless it, we've come to love.

How to Holiday Decorate Like the Pros @ Anthropologie

There are plenty of stores known for their extravagant holiday window displays, but given the choice, I prefer to ogle the ones at Anthropologie. As you'd only expect from the store, they're always as pretty, fresh, and unique as all get-out. But aside from all the beauty, I'm mainly checking them out to cop ideas for my own holiday decorations.

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