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Shopping The Alameda and Candlestick Park Flea Markets With The Experts

The king of Bay Area flea markets has long been the Alameda Point Antiques Faire. But this past summer, a smaller market opened at Candlestick Park, meaning there’s now an even closer treasure trove for vintage hounds. We called on some of the city’s experts to lead us through both markets and show us how to find the gems amid the rubble.

Philip Johnson Meets the Flintstones at This $5.3M Artist Retreat in Sonoma County

Sometimes, we want to make our own places to live that are just as individual as our professional careers.  Artist/entrepreneur John Holmes did just that at his compound in Penngrove, in Sonoma County, but he hasn't had much luck selling it.


The basics: four bedrooms, four baths, plus one half-bath and a studio in a compound of structures on 43 acres, asking $5,300,000. Not so basic: The main house has one bedroom and one and one-half baths while the others (also with baths) are arranged independently around the property, all of which is on a hillside covered in old oaks and coastal meadow.

Secret Garden: 750 Square Foot Duboce Triangle Apartment

Mamie Rheingold Duboce Triangle 750 square feet

Mamie Rheingold, a 25-year-old program manager at Google, wasn’t the first to claim dibs on a new Duboce Triangle garden apartment designed by Boor Bridges Architecture, but she was definitely the most enthusiastic. "I have a background in architecture, so I really marveled at the design," says Rheingold, who moved in six months ago. "My landlords really wanted a tenant who would appreciate it."

Design Match in Heavens: A 850 Square Foot Potrero Hill Apartment

Kelly Waters and Peter Judd Potrero Hill, 850 square feet

"Is it silly to be so sentimental over a chair or a sofa or an autographed doll?" asks intern architect Kelly Waters of the storied contemporary furniture, art, and other treasured keepsakes in the 850-square-foot flat she shares with her husband, Peter Judd, in Potrero Hill. Their classic Eames lounge, for instance, was inherited from Judd’s mother, who would while away many an afternoon upon it while pregnant with her son. The midcentury sofa was acquired from a porn distribution center in Los Angeles. And a collection of action figures from ’70s and ’80s TV shows was acquired via Judd’s addiction to eBay.

Nesting Instinct: A 400 Square Foot Lower Pacific Heights Apartment

Five years ago, design consultant Frances Weiss and her then-fiancé shared an apartment in Bernal Heights with some pretty rotten mojo. "Someone overdosed and died there shortly before we moved in," says Weiss, 35. The couple’s relationship irrevocably soured soon after they took up residence. The newly single Weiss sought safe harbor in a light-filled, 400-square-foot studio in Lower Pacific Heights. "It felt warm and safe from the moment I stepped foot in it," she says. "It was such a welcome relief coming from a bad relationship and a haunted apartment."

Weathering Heights: An 850 Square Foot Apartment in the Mission

"We like to describe the decor as ‘faded Cuban glamour,’" says stylist and designer Monique Ramos of the Mission apartment she shares with her boyfriend, artist Richard Colman. The intriguing tableau, a sunny 850-square-foot space, arises from the most unexpected medley of nostalgic travel mementos (jars of sand from all over the world), moody works of art (seascapes and taxidermy installations), and enchanting timeworn furnishings (chandeliers and vintage leather seating).

American-Graffiti Style Estate Sale in Sonoma

The offerings at an incredible estate sale in Sonoma County this weekend bring to mind George Lucas' iconic film American Graffiti. But make no mistake, these 60s-era finds aren't stage props, they are the real deal from a family that ran a beloved diner-style restaurant for decades in Petaluma.The restaurant was Beasleys, and for 21 years the owners served three squares a day at their historic Wickersham Building establishment in the town where American Graffiti was filmed.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1875 Presidio Landmark 1 Bdrm

Halloween has come and gone, but if you're still looking for a good scare the city's spookiest spots remain to creep you out for the rest of the year. Case in point: this week's Craigslist Deal, located in the new Presidio Landmark. It may look as lovely as can be now (hardwood floors! washer and dryer in unit! a hot tub out back!), but drive by before the renovation and the former Public Health Service Hospital could make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

Is it Christmas Yet? DWR's New Giftables

Halloween hasn't even happened yet, Thanksgiving is still a month away, and the holidays are but a faint glint on the horizon. But stores are already gearing up for the shopping season with gift-friendly products, and well, there's just too much good stuff not to share. DWR in particular is bringing it with the newest products in Tools for Living. The home accessories section has a little something for big spenders and Secret Santas alike, with little stylish options that'll fit snuggly in lucky recipients' stockings.

Branch Moves to SOMA (You Get a Sale)

San Francisco's Branch is finding a new place to perch. The sustainable design-focused online retailer is packing up its South Van Ness warehouse and easing into a shiny new space South of Market. While details on the new headquarters are limited so far, talk of a showroom and event space planned inside have got our interest piqued.

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