Hot 20 2010 Reader's Choice Winner: Mabuhay Health Center


Alvin Teodoro, 33
Founder and director, Mabuhay Health Center
(Left, pictured with co-workers Ruben Lachica and Jaleel Arnado)

Alvin Teodoro makes taking on the city’s burdens sound easy. He tosses out a list of accomplishments that are more the work of ambassadors than an entrenched medical student: He’s done research for the World Health Organization, Genentech, and SF General Hospital. It’s not surprising that this go-getter was fated to create and direct the altruistic Mabuhay Health Center, which opened in SoMa’s Bayanihan Community Center earlier this year.

“After I graduated from Berkeley, I worked with street outreach services,” says Teodoro, who’s an avid hip-hop dancer on the side. “Then, as a med student, I got involved working with the homeless at UCSF. Our annual health fair never followed up on patients. So I thought, ‘What can I do to see people long-term?’” Mabuhay—which focuses on the Filipino community—is already expanding to Bessie Carmichael Elementary and Middle School this month. The team has grown to 20 staff members.

“One patient came in during our ribbon-cutting when Gavin Newsom was there,” says Teodoro. “She was crying. She sees so many programs come once and never come back.” Clearly, if Teodoro has anything to do with it, this one isn’t going anywhere.

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