Hottest Dog in Town


Photo by Stefanie Michejda.

Earlier this week I went to B Restaurant & Bar, the new, glass-enclosed restaurant/lounge in Yerba Buena Gardens just next to Samovar. It’s the third outpost of Boxed Foods on Kearny, a Hartle Media lunchtime favorite with its super-fresh, delicately dressed organic salads and inventive takes on traditional sandwiches.

B’s menu features several of Boxed Foods’ regular items—the chicken salad sandwich (with crunchy bacon, nice), the pear-and-brie pressed panini (delish)—but we’re here today to focus on the hot dog, called the Casino Dog on the menu and supposedly originating in Trenton, NJ—always enough to catch the attention of a bookie’s daughter. It’s presented on a toasted roll smeared with spicy mustard and dressed not with relish but with diced onions, peppers and potatoes.

Potatoes on a hot dog! It hearkens straight back to my childhood favorite—potato chips stacked onto a ham sandwich, then crushed between both hands. (Don’t even get me started on potato chips smashed over vanilla ice cream.) My excitement wasn’t merely theoretical either—the all-beef dog was juicy and delicious, the bread perfectly crunchy, and the imaginative combination of ingredients balanced in flavor and texture.

Needless to say, this marriage of East Coast and West, childhood and adulthood, philistine and epicurean satisfied my every lunchtime craving. I went back the next day (when I got white cheddar on the dog, even better), and plan on going back today. I hereby proclaim Boxed Foods purveyors of the city’s newest, best hot dog. Imagine that.
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