Aside from a stray shopping cart or random rubber glove (creepy!), you consider your neighborhood pretty clean, right? Well, allow the Urban EcoMap to burst your bubble. Broken down into three categories denoting the CO2 emissions accrued from transportation, energy and waste, the Urban EcoMap shows just how un-green each SF zip code really is. For overall emissions, top bragging rights go to the 94111 (aka parts of downtown and the Embarcadero), with 8,588 emissions pounds per household. Last on the list? Balboa Terrace and the rest of the '27, with a whopping 67,944 pounds of emissions per household. Transportation affects the totals a lot, so it comes as little surprise that neighborhoods which are further away from downtown have higher emissions rates than those closer to the city's center. Also, the average household size increases in outlying neighborhoods, which no doubt also causes higher emissions per home. You can check out your own zip code and find out more about greenhouse gases at San Francisco's Urban EcoMap.