How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?


Boucheron honors Vanessa Getty and baubles benefit the SF-Bay Area Humane Friends

Up on Nob Hill at the tony Le Club (the sexy boite co-founded by film producer and native son, Todd Traina, and restauranteur Gina Milano), Boucheron put on the dog -- literally -- for philanthropist Vanessa Getty, who was honored for her work with San Francisco Bay Area Humane Friends , a program founded by Vanessa and Amanda Brown Chang for the Peninsula Humane Society and the SF SPCA which funds live-saving programs for pets-at-risk.

Though normally not allowed in this chic (and den of delish) setting, Le Club welcomed "Spencer" -- a cute, fluffy shelter pup whose nickname for the night belied the fact that "he" was actually a "she."

" 'She' just looks like a "Spencer," said Vanessa's husband Billy Getty, as the cutie canine snuggled safely in his arms.

The event also heralded the launch of Boucheron's snazzy new XL Reflet Watch, another celebration piece for the famed French joaillier's 150th anniversary.

As the tres cher timepieces carry a price tag ranging from 3K to 11-plus-K, it was c'est magnifique that 10 percent of sales benefitted Vanessa's Humane Friends program.

"Unfortunately, animals are also now being affected by the mortgage crisis as people are abandoning their pets because of home foreclosures," explained Vanessa. "The money we raise tonight helps at-risk pets and also funds our free spay-and-nuetering programs."

As sweet little "Spencer" out-shone any jewel, it was a cinch that this little ball of fluff would find a good home: by night's end, a Le Club bartender had committed to adopt the puppy. And Heidi Castelein plans to adopt a sister from "Spencer's" litter.

And with Vanessa at the helm of Humane Friends, her determined reach in finding suitable homes for shelter pets may well extend beyond Bay Area borders. When asked about another high-level adoption for a certain white house in Washington, Vanessa had that covered, too.

"Are you kidding me? I've already emailed Kamala (Harris) and asked her to suggest to (Barack) Obama that he let me help him find him a shelter dog from the West Coast!"

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