How Not to Act When Hidden Cash Return to SF This Weekend


You may remember the uproar that was encited last May when local millionaire real estate investor, Jason Buzi, left marked envelopes stuffed with cash around the city. Well, he's baaack, and this time you may want to keep your eye out for Pez dispensers. 

According to tweets from @HiddenCash, the international scavenger hunt—which has hit other US cities as well as spots in the UK and Germany—will continue with “BIG cash drops in San Francisco and New York City" this weekend. 

That tweet was followed by another one that posed the question: "Pez again for next drops - yes or no?"

The latter refers back to a hunt earlier this month in LA, where Hidden Cash buried Pez dispensers with $100 bills in Whittier Park at night and local Angelenos straight up destroyed the public space in search of the loot. 

"The small park was overwhelmed by up to a thousand people roving the grounds with flashlights, trampled through foliage, ripped up sprinklers, and overturned rocks in search of some money. Whittier city officials estimated the park damage at over $5,000 with an additional $1,700 in police overtime to control the crowd," LAist reported

So we're here to ask you another question: Is it really worth it?

We can't be the only ones in SF who are worried that the next cash drop will incite similar mayhem in Dolores Park or Alamo Square. Remember to mind your manners out there, folks. 

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