Wine that Loves, a new wine brand that doesn’t seem to tell where the wine is from, of what grapes it’s made or the vintage. It just makes things easy for you by declaring on the label that it’s the Wine that Loves Pizza. Or the Wine that Loves Pasta with Tomato Sauce.

I’m not joking—that’s what it says on the label. It’s really brilliant as there’s an endless number of possible versions: Wine that Loves Tiki Masala, Wine that Loves Stale Bagel Chips…. Then they could move on to other areas:

“Gee honey, remember that wine we had on our anniversary? What was it called? Oh, yeah, Wine that Loves Anniversaries.”

“What was that wine we were drinking the night my appendix ruptured? Oh, yeah, it was called Wine that Loves a Ruptured Appendix.”