How Snowboarders Got Their Zen Back: 'Signatures'


Ski and snowboard season is just a stones throw away. And while many a SF resident has visions of Tahoe slope domination dancing in their heads, let us not forget the more zen-like aspects of the sport. Enter the film Signatures, the winner of Best Cinematography at IF3 and currently on its North American tour after a sold out Japanese premiere in Tokyo. The film screens next Tuesday at Sports Basement.

Produced by the folks at Colorado-based Sweetgrass productions (whose aim is to steer away from fast-paced ski films and instead capture mountain culture and, word), Signatures follows renowned boarders and skiers through an entire winter deep in the hardwoods of Hokkaido, Japan. Get ready for cherry blossoms and snow-glazed sunsets, the powder of your dreams and the sheer cinematic expression of the art of riding the snow. We're not gonna lie, it hits some soul chords. Check out the trailer below.

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