How to Eat Like Vernon Davis


Vernon Davis knows that leading a team to victory requires some smart eating. To show his fans appreciation, he is offering them a free lunch through mobile app GoPago! Vernon has been using his Twitter and Facebook accounts to dish out promo codes to his more than one million followers. Here is your manual for eating like a football star while ordering through GoPago.

Eat Healthy

Vernon knows that fresh vegetables and greens are the key to running strong and not being weighed down. Freshii offers the Metabolism Boosting Salad and Kale Effect Bowl to keep you lean with all your essential vitamins.

Carb Load

Before the big game the possibilities are endless, you have no idea what the final score will be. At Pomodoro Gourmet Pizza & Pizza the possibilities turn into “Pastabilities” where you can create your own pasta from the shape to the sauce to the add-in’s.

Eat After a Workout

After a tough workout protein is king. Salmon is especially important to Vernon who is allergic to shellfish. With four Osha Thai locations on the network you can pick up Garlic Salmon Moroheiya with grilled wild salmon, teriyaki wasabi glaze, served with garlic noodles and steamed broccoli.

Eat After a Game

Scoring touchdowns isn’t easy, and rewarding yourself after a game means that you shouldn’t have to go too far. Queens Louisiana Po Boy near Candlestick offers po-boys, fried chicken and beignets fit for any celebratory meal.

Eat Like a Baller

So you wanna be a baller, shot caller?  U-Sushi allows you to call the shots as you design your own sushi roll with everything from choice of rice, wrapping, fish, veggies, dressing and garnish. Real ballers roll with goma (sesame seeds) and tobiko!

If you want to try out this regiment for yourself, download the free app at and enter Vernon Davis’ latest promo code DUKE for a $10 credit. It is available for his first 5,000 fans as long as you have not yet entered a Vernon code before. For full rules please click here and follow GoPago on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest. 

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