How to Get Ready for This Week's Live Music Avalanche


It’s another banner week for San Francisco music junkies. The list below only cracks the surface of what’s to come. Other notable gigs include post-punk luminaries Swans (Regency Ballroom, Monday), Fiona Apple (The Warfield, Tuesday), Spencer Krug’s side project Moonface (Independent, Wednesday) and legendary heartbreaker Bonnie Raitt (Greek Theatre, Friday). For my money though, these are the hottest tickets:

Blondie & Devo, The Warfield, Monday
Deborah Harry still has it, however elusive her it-factor is to pin down. Rarely has a singer been so closely connoted with a band name, and rarely does a band name conjure such a specific image of its lead singer. But we know she’s still got it because she’s still making music and spreading the dance-punk-pop gospel. Panic of Girls (2011) is still making the rounds, as is this iconic band of absurd import and historical significance.  

Hot Chip & YACHT, Fox Theatre, Tuesday
The power electro coupling of Hot Chip and YACHT will make for one of the dance-ier and delightfully weird concert nights this fall. Hot Chip has been a mood-maker and -alterer since 2005 — hard to believe given their enthusiasm for innovative electronic nuance. The Brits’ 2012 album In Our Heads is only the most recent example of the band manipulating the sounds of the studio (see the track “Shake a Fist” for an actual demonstration of their “sounds of the studio” meta game), which has as much spunk as The Warning’s “Careful,” a breakthrough mind-bender of an electro track worth checking out. As for Yacht, just get ready for the Portland quintet’s PowerPoint presentation and put a grin on your face.  

Silversun Pickups, Fox Theater, Wednesday
Don’t mess with Silversun Pickups. Especially if you’re Mitt Romney’s campaign camp. The LA indie rockers-gone-big-time have earned the right to speak up over their 10-year career. The band has earned respect from those in the know with a sound compared to noise trailblazers My Bloody Valentine, and also by hitting the road extensively. And now there’s one more reason to applaud their presence — bassist Nikki Monninger recently announced she’s pregnant … and still touring. Respect.
Pretty Lights and DJ Shadow, Bill Graham, Friday
This’ll be a doozy of a trip-hop, head-bopper of clusterf$&^. Count this one as just the latest in a string of house/electronic shows that have recently come to help define Bill Graham as a music venue. Anyone who saw Deadmau5 last year will attest to the venue’s ability to graciously host a massive electro-dance production. Come for DJ Shadow’s brainy samples and deep-cutting beats, and stay for the clubby dance wonder of Colorado’s Pretty Lights. Bring your pumped-up kicks.

My Morning Jacket, Greek Theatre, Saturday
Jim James, Jim James, Jim James. It’s all about the soulful howl of the charmed and charming My Morning Jacket lead singer. Just thinking about his voice echoing throughout Strawberry Canyon is enough to tell Ticketmaster thanks for the slap in the face, I’ll gladly have another. James and company are known for playing long, thorough sets, and this nitpicky fan has never been disappointed.


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