How to Make an App in 24 Hours


Vocabulary quiz. The word is hackathon.
Wikipedia defines a hackathon as an event in which computer programmers  and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers and project managers, collaborate intensively on software projects.
I’ll be attending my fourth hack of the year this weekend. They are a blast. A large group of creative people, programmers, marketers, designers, and idea people intermingle while eating and drinking, and begin to organically form groups of two to six people. Each group comes up with an idea, and they then spend the next 24 hours creating a working app that didn’t exist 24 hours prior.
The best part of hackathons is watching the three-minute presentations at the end of the event. I am continually blown away by what collaborative creativity can produce in a very short amount of time. Most hacks involve several companies that allow hackers access to their data in order to create an app that uses some or all of the functionalities in a unique new blend.
There is an event beginning  at 5 pm tonight that will include APIs from Hertz, Never Lost, Twilio, AT&T, Nokia, VoicePark, and others.
Most hackathons have a theme as a launching point. Tonight’s event states that they are looking for technical as well as non-technical people to build mobile apps and hacks for a more connected traveler experience.  Whether you are on a business trip or traveling for leisure, there are a million details to keep track of based on your precise location and your agenda. The focus of this hackathon is on using the Hertz rental car as a console for integrating your schedule, responsibilities, and physical location into one seamless experience. Come show us what your version of a more perfect vacation or business trip looks like!
It’s free to participate, and there will be over $80k in cash and prizes awarded to the winning teams. If not this one, then check out a future hackathon. They are popping up everywhere, and are a unique way to spend 24 hours.
To read more details about this event  and/or to sign up to participate in this travel hackathon, click here.

David LaBua is our 7x7 Parking Guru, author of Finding the Sweet Spot, and founder of VoicePark, the app that guides you by voice to the closest available parking spot in real-time.

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