How to Survive Being Sick at Home in SF


After being knocked down hard with the evil flu (five days in bed, and home for two weeks), I learned a few tricks about how to survive in style as a solo apartment dweller with no one to really take care of me. Yup, it was just me, and a lot of episodes of Downton Abbey.

While plenty of friends said, “Let me know if you need something,” I didn’t really feel like taking anyone up on it—everyone is so busy (and let’s be honest, they didn’t want to come anywhere near me). So, viva delivery (and delivery services)!



You are going to need some soup delivered. Here are some places to consider:

  • King of Thai Noodle House is noodle soup heaven (GrubHub has the actual menu, but there are multiple locations)
  • Wonton soup from Country Sky 
  • See if the delicious chicken soup is on the menu at Deli Board and get it delivered via a messenger service (see below)
  • If you can handle some spice, get the tom yum or poh-tak sour soups from Lers Ros
  • The fresh-made udon from Kaka Udon (ignore the name!); get either the soy or pork broth
  • Hot and sour soup (you can also order a vegetarian version too) from Yum Yum Hunan
  • Chicken soup from El Zocalo (no website, 415-282-2572) in Bernal (again, get it delivered from a delivery service below)
  • Caldo tlalpeño from Nopalito—I love this vegetable soup in chicken broth (no delivery availableI was lucky, my sister picked some up and brought it to me)


Delivery/Messenger Service Options

Postmates/Get It Now

This delivery service (via an app on your phone) is pretty damn helpful. Delivery fees start at $6.99 and climb from there; you can have someone pick up anything, like the jook or chicken pho (or both!) from Out the Door on Bush Street during lunchtime (some of the best feel-better food you’ll find in the city, trust).

You can also do what I did: Take advantage of their grocery list on Safeway. I was able to order the over-the-counter medicines I needed, plus chicken broth, vitamins, bananas, and Kleenex. While it took almost two hours instead of the promised one, and my delivery guy forgot one item, it was still a godsend to have everything delivered right to my door.

Another worthwhile place to send a messenger is Rainbow Grocery—you can ask them to pick up some citrus, some cold-pressed juices (I like the Evolution brand), and Wellness Formula (a magical herbal defense complex to help you get better). Whole Foods also has a lot of fresh-made soups your messenger can pick up.



Another new delivery service is Instacart, which is only $3.99 for delivery within three hours, and includes both Safeway and Trader Joe’s on its delivery list. You can easily order some green tea, minestrone soup, hearty vegetable broth, and vitamin C complex.



Wish someone would just make you some homemade chicken soup? Post your task on Taskrabbit—there are plenty of home cooks who can bid on your task. Maybe you need someone to take down your garbage, or pick up your mail? You can get help with that, too. Do you just need something picked up or delivered? There's a Deliver Now service (accessible via the TaskRabbit app) at a flat rate of $10.


And hey, feel better. This too shall pass.


Marcia Gagliardi is the editor of the weekly tablehopper e-column; subscribe and read more at Follow her on Twitter: @tablehopper. 

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